Abstract Still-Life Series

Series Statement:

I have always been interested in how we are enticed into the picture plane – how an image can create a tension between static and dynamic, flatness and space. My current art practice is an exploration in still-life photography of sculpturally constructed abstract collage. I am creating three-dimensional objects using existing photos and textural materials which are temporarily assembled arrangements staged for the camera. The combination of visual elements is composed of the commonplace and the ordinary, but the final image in these works presents an explosive and abstract dimension, where the traditional laws of physics and materiality have no authority.

Currently showing photographic work with Durden and Ray in Los Angeles.

Curtis is the Chair of Arts, Media and Performance and Professor of Media Arts, Cinema & Photography at Los Angeles Mission College.

Image of Curtis Stage at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in front of Abstract Fine art photography by Curtis Stage
Curtis Stage at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in 2023