Curtis Stage is a Media Artist/Photographer and currently is Chair of Arts, Media, and Performance at Los Angeles Mission College.

For the last few years, Curtis has been interested in photographing landscape and architecture in hidden urban pockets mostly around the Los Angeles area. These are usually industrial non-places where we don’t see ourselves. They are transitional in that they are areas to manufacture products and ship them out. When you drive or walk in these spaces, you literally feel lost and disoriented–streets and landmarks don’t function the way they do in the neighborhoods sometimes just a few blocks away.

These are deliberately uninteresting, bland places–maybe to conceal what happens inside. The companies that occupy the buildings are not at all interested in beautifying the surroundings, and mostly everything feels like a dreamy wasteland… Not close to the image of Southern California that dominates our vision.

Every once in a while, there is a revolt. People need little moments of beauty in their human-shaped landscapes. So, mixed in with the desolation, trash and decay are odd monuments of aesthetic style. Most of the time these are collisions of highly manicured plants and racing stripe style wall paintings that are clearly inspired by the need to upend the overwhelming ugliness.

Curtis Stage received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University and BFA from California State University Long Beach.  Curtis is showing work with Durden and Ray in Los Angeles.

Curtis Stage – Standing Guard